Commercial Sponsorship
Business investment incentivizes fisher practices that foster mutual interest in sustainability

It’s about carefully constructed incentives and the positive power of self-determination.

The Data Factor

If traceability data is important to guiding effective fishery management decisions, what is the best way to gather data In order to ensure reliable information? NAI and BSI are advocating for a point of landing/purchasing electronic recording (catch data recording). It has been our experience after many trials that small scale fishers will not employ passive electronic location recording devices without a significant incentive to do so. What should they give their fishing locations to others? However, they are willing to provide more general but effective locational data verbally as part of a “Pay for Grade” price incentive. When giving away fishing locations can be incentivized with technology that provides the ability to be more efficient in fish capture perhaps the locational tracking will have some utility for small scale fishermen.

Today, Indonesian fishers are incentivized to keep everything they catch. Predatory middlemen will take the full load, paying no market-related prices and not discriminating between species or fish maturity. Even after accepting the whole catch, middlemen often delay their payments to fishers. We continually advocate for shrinking supply chains by eliminating middle-men where possible. This has had a positive effect on overall quality and delivered value back to the shore-side fishermen who toil at sea to bring us the fish we need. We advocate for models that reward responsible fishing practices every step of the way.